The Florida Chamber of Commerce Prosperity Initiative is a collaborative, business-led effort to achieve these goals. The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce, with support from its business members and the community, has formed the GPBCC Brevard Prosperity Initiative. We are looking for people interested in tackling these 10 root causes of poverty to help meet these goals in our county.

The Barriers to Equality of Opportunity: Root Causes of Poverty


Lack of employment opportunities

education & workforce

Lack of quality in education and workforce development


Unaffordable and unattainable housing


Insufficient transportation options


Disproportionate health access and outcomes


Lack of consistent access to nutritionally adequate and safe foods


Inaccessible and unaffordable quality childcare


Unsafe environments

justice system

Imbalanced outcomes in the criminal justice system

recognition & access

Lack of recognition and access within a community

Explore the context of each county and
view the Florida Gap Map for detailed insights:

Explore the context of each county and view the Florida Gap Map for detailed insights:

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We invite you to join the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce (GPBCC) Brevard Prosperity Initiative and contribute to elevating communities in Florida, one zip code at a time.
When you enroll, you’ll need to be familiar with and share your interest in the 10 root causes of poverty.

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Our Key Partnerships

The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce (GPBCC) welcomes all nonprofits in Brevard that align with the Brevard Prosperity Initiative to join our community. We are proud to collaborate with these esteemed organizations, each playing a vital role in addressing the root causes of poverty in Brevard County.

Club Esteem, Inc.

For over 33 years, Club Esteem has been instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty for underserved youth and their families. Through academic tutoring, mentoring, and enrichment programs, they empower children to achieve excellence and build a brighter future.

Learn more about Club Esteem:

Brevard Family Partnership Foundation

Brevard Family Partnership’s family of agencies serves over 3,000 children annually, focusing on child abuse prevention, mobile response crisis intervention, foster care, adoption, and more. Their dedicated professionals work tirelessly to improve the lives of children in Brevard County.

Learn more about Brevard Family Partnership Foundation:

Business Acceleration Network

The Business Acceleration Network supports entrepreneurial growth and economic development in Brevard County. By providing resources, mentorship, and community development, they help businesses thrive and contribute to the local economy. Their “Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” program specifically focuses on young entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills and support needed to become business leaders.

Learn more about the Business Acceleration Network:

Space Coast Habitat for Humanity

Established in 1985, Space Coast Habitat for Humanity has served over 575 families in Brevard County. They build affordable homes for qualified workforce families, repair existing homes with a focus on veterans and seniors, and revitalize neighborhoods in need. Additionally, they educate family partners on homeownership, home maintenance, and financial planning.

Learn more about Space Coast Habitat for Humanity:

Why You Are Needed

Your involvement is crucial for the success of the local Prosperity Initiative. The Chamber will facilitate and guide the project, but we need your time, talent, and treasure to make a difference.
  • Time: Promote awareness of the local Prosperity Initiative to your employees and community.
  • Talent: Volunteer and participate in ongoing activities and administrative support.
  • Treasure: Provide financial support to offset non-Chamber-related operating expenses. Donate to the Palm Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation here:

Join our community of servant leaders to start collaborating and making a tangible impact on childhood poverty in Brevard County.

Join Our Community and Make a Difference

We invite you to join the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce (GPBCC) Brevard Prosperity Initiative and contribute to elevating communities in Brevard County, one zip code at a time. Your involvement is crucial to addressing and overcoming the root causes of childhood poverty.

Select the segment that best fits your purpose as an individual. Be prepared to share your insights and interests related to the 10 root causes of poverty:

Together, we can create a brighter future for all.

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