Thank you for your interest in volunteering.volunteer-graphic_0[1]

Like all non-profit organizations, the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce depends on volunteers to achieve their goals.  The entire Board of Directors as well as all committees are made up of volunteers.

Why We Need You

Volunteers are the backbone of the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce, enabling us to meet our mission of offering member-relevant committees, providing effective business development training and connecting members with one another.

Volunteers not only allow us to hold the multitude of events, programs and training seminars we offer each year but, more importantly, help shape those offerings to ensure they bring value to our members. Our volunteers allow us to offer more quantity and quality than we ever would be able to achieve without them.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Various Signature Events
Monthly Member Luncheons
Board of Directors
Our current volunteers are:
Sallyanne Cos, Betty Doyle & Tina Sheehan.

You are invited to get involved with the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce. You will find your effort to be very rewarding on a personal level, and your involvement will bring opportunities and relationships that will help grow your business. To learn more email us at pat.luckey@greaterpalmbaychamber.com or call 321-951-9998.

Join our circle of volunteers today!