Bright Business Minds

The Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce is proud to have some of the greatest and brightest minds hard at work making Palm Bay business the very best that it can be. From the Government Affairs to our Board of Directors, our committees are dedicated to improving the quality of business and the quality of life in Palm Bay.

Committee of 100 – Mike Williams, Chairman

Other Members:

    • George Geletko
    • Sandy Michelson
    • Nancy Peltonen

Agenda – This committee oversees the Committee of 100 and the following categories:


  • Support Airport Improvements and Flights
  • Support funding and expansion of Space Coast Area Transit
  • Support federal funding during the gap in the Space Shuttle Program
  • Support regional road priorities including
  • Support local road priorities, expansion of Palm Bay road
  • Advocate special category under the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program to provide economic development category for small hub airports

Property Insurance

  • Support activities and legislation at the local, state and federal levels to provide affordable and available commercial and residential property insurance

Health Care

Support activities and legislation at the local, state and federal levels to increase the availability and affordability of healthcare by both large and small employers to the largest number of employees and business owners

  • Support legislation that would allow small businesses to pool risk and access health coverage exempt from state mandates
  • Support legislation to limit legal fees and cap non-economic damages in medical liability cases
  • Oppose government-mandated health care requirements for employers
  • Support the expansion of HSA’s by making it easier for small businesses and individuals to participate

Tax and Tax Regulation

  • Support faster cost recovery of capital investment, and repeal of the personal and corporate Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Oppose any proposed sales tax on professional services
  • Support making permanent the current federal tax cuts, including the elimination of the death tax; enhances Section 179 small business expensing; and reductions in marginal income, dividend, and capital gains

Workforce Development / Education

  • Support block grants for workforce development and state sponsored training programs (implementation of Workforce Innovation Act 2000)
  • Support efforts to ensure that businesses have an available supply of well-educated and trained employees

Permit Process / Economic Development

  • Continue to support the City of Palm Bay on the Permit process and implementation
  • Continue to stand for the Business community with issues in the completion of permits
  • Continue to work with local municipalities to attract businesses to our area
  • Assist in grant programs for business owners needing start up funding