Committees & Taskforces

The Palm Bay Chambers Committees and taskforces

We have multiple committees and taskforces within the chamber.

A task force is organized to deal with a specialized task/event. After completion, the task force is disbanded.

A committee is appointed for a larger on-going issues that need to be solved.

We value your input as members and welcome you to join any taskforce or committee at any time.

Membership Committee

Setup to help recruit new members; from prospecting, developing outreach strategies, and implementing a strategic plan for Chamber development.

Chair:  David Pett

Members:  Tracy Stroderd, Beverley Squire-Wiggins, Heidi Lemberg, Richard Martin


Events Committee

Chair:  Tracy Stroderd


Board Governance Committee

Chair:  Pamela Gunthorpe

Members: Contact Pat to join this committee!  321-951-9998


Ambassadors Committee

Chairs:  Kristi Herndon & Ginger Aiello

Members: David Schwind, Diane Bryson, Debbie Lloyd-Lee, Judy Bova, Gina Melton, Imran Mohamed, Jenny Wilson